best money making apps for 2021

Best Money Making Apps that Pay Real Money in 2021

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How many hours a day do you spend on your phone? Multiply that by seven days, and that will almost certainly add up to well over ten hours. Part of that time is responding to text messages and looking at emails, but most of that time is spent on using an app. 

There are many legit paying apps that could help turn this mindless scrolling time into cash. You can find apps that pay you real money to give your honest opinion, pay cashback on purchases you’re already making, and even apps that pay you to walk. We’ll talk about how to make money with apps, choosing the right ones, and the best money making apps for 2021.

Making Money with Apps

It’s pretty simple to start making extra money with apps. It’s typically a matter of downloading the app on your phone. Then you’ll just need to create an account. 

It might make sense to create a separate email address for all these legit paying apps. That way, these emails won’t flood up your main account. 

Besides general information like your name, email address, and phone number, some apps will ask for more information. For example, Lyft drivers must consent to a criminal background check, have their driving history reviewed, driver’s license, insurance, and other documentation. Once it’s been submitted, it takes a few days before you’re approved to become a driver.

Other apps that pay you real money will take seconds to sign up for. Be mindful of this different registration processing and times when choosing which apps to try.

How you get paid will vary by the app. Some apps may directly deposit your cash to your account, while others will pay you with gift cards. The most popular payment method is PayPal, so if you don’t have an account, you’ll want to set one up. 

Also, make sure you check if the app has redemption restrictions. For example, some won’t allow you to cash out until you reach a certain threshold. 

Choosing the Best Earning Apps in 2021

The apps listed here or somewhere else aren’t for everyone. You need to decide which types of apps work best for your situation. Here are two of the main factors that you should consider. 

How Much They Pay

Let’s make sure we’re realistic. Most apps pay enough that you can quit your day job. Some of them might be brought in a solid part-time income.

Before using an app, decide how much you want to get paid. Taking surveys isn’t going to make you hundreds of dollars or more each month. So you’ll need to choose apps like TaskRabbit or DoorDash that have more earning potential. 

Level of Effort

The other thing to consider is how much effort you want to put into getting paid. Do you want to get paid for small tasks while you’re commuting on the bus every day or during downtime you have throughout the day? Or are you willing to put things together for people, drive to places, or other activities that require more effort?

You’re usually going to get paid more for things that require a higher degree of effort. So if your goal is to make at least a thousand dollars a month from apps, you’ll be going to need to be willing to put in the work. 


Before downloading a money-making app, be sure to check out its reputation. Read the reviews to find out what people are saying. The app should have a lot more positive apps than otherwise. Find out what people are saying that isn’t so great about the app.

There are scams out there to be on the lookout for. For example, an app that asks for a lot of sensitive information would be to steer away from. Also, if privacy is important to you, check out their privacy policy to make sure they don’t sell your data. 

Best Money Making Apps for 2021

Ready to learn what apps will pay you cash? Here’s our list of the best-earning apps in 2021 that we like for making money below. 


A best-earning app in 2021 isn’t complete without talking about Rakuten. Formerly known as Ebates, this is a must-have browser extension for your desktop computer. After you download this app, you earn a set percentage of cash back when you shop at their 2,500 plus retail partners. 

They include big names like Target, Nike, and Kohls. The percentage you earn will vary but is usually around 1 to 2 percent. So if you’re already planning to buy online from one of their partner retailers, you might as well earn some cash back.

You can also use in-store coupons and compare prices by scanning items. That means you can save even more on your purchases. You can start using it immediately after signing, and you’ll automatically get paid every three months. The minimum amount for a payout is $5.01.


There are even apps that pay you to walk, which is exactly what Sweatcoin does. You earn cryptocurrency rewards using this app. There’s a daily step limit, and after you have accumulated 2,000 steps, you can use it to trade or other rewards. 

Gift cards are available on a limited basis. Also, you can convert 20,000 Sweatcoins to $1,000, which is paid out via PayPal. You can only redeem it once for each person. 

It does use GPS, so you have to walk outside. Another drawback is it doesn’t connect to other fitness trackers. So you’re reliant on your phone’s GPS. 

Survey Junkie

The best-earning app in 2021 list wouldn’t be complete without talking about Survey Junkie. It will take 15 minutes or less to answer questions on Survey Junkie. The app partners with market research companies and brands to offer users the chance to earn points in exchange for taking surveys.

By answering a few questions to create a profile, you can get started with Survey Junkie. They will present relevant surveys that each awards you a certain number of points. These points can be exchanged for cash and are paid out via PayPal or gift cards. You’ll need at least 500 points (equivalent to $5) to cash out. 

The surveys are demographic-based and may offer options to qualify for other surveys based on your browsing data. You can download the Survey Junkie Pulse extension to your device or desktop to track things like searches, shopping, etc. That will enable Survey Junkie to send more relevant surveys to you. 


Are you looking to make money from gaming apps? Look no further than Mistplay. It’s on the list for the best android app for money earning in 2021 in the gaming category. The developers are working on an iOS version too.

The platform is free to play and has many choices to pick from. You can find new games, collect points, and talk/invite/make friends on the platform. There’s also game leaderboards that rank the top players. Points earned can be redeemed for various rewards. 


This photo-selling app makes it easy to sell your shots. If you’re a videographer, Foap also allows you to sell your videos. Getting started is easy by simply downing the app on your device. You can upload your photos and videos to your online portfolio.

Your work has to be bought by a brand, agency, or another Foap user to get paid. Profits are shared 50/50 with the app. For example, if you sell a $20 photo on Foap, you’ll keep $10 of the sale. Another nice feature of this photo-selling app is you can sell your photo multiple times. 

Foap also has specific projects that are called “Missions.” By submitting your photos to these projects, you could get paid for the ones that are selected. 


We consider Slidejoy on our list of the best android app for money earning in 2021. Everywhere you turn, there’s an ad for something. What Slidejob does is pay for the real estate on your phone’s lock screen. 

After installing and signing up for Slidejoy, your android device will begin to see ads when on the lock screen. By swiping right, you can get to your home screen. If you swipe left, you can get more details about the ad or swipe up to see more ads. 

Every swipe will earn “Carats” that are credited to your account the next day. $1 is equal to 1,000 Carats. You get paid via gift cards from various retailers or through Paypal. You can also donate your earnings to a charity. 


This app is one of the best apps to sell stuff. Think of it as a local marketplace that can be used to sell your things. To reach a bigger audience, you can also choose to ship in the United States (continental only). 

After creating your account, just take a picture of whatever you want to sell to upload to your listing. You’ll also need to add a title, price, and description to get your listing posted. 

The app also allows you to talk directly to buyers so that you can arrange a meeting or ship your things. Each prospective buyer has reviews and ratings accumulated from previous sales. It helps you decide how trustworthy they are before making the sale.

There is a 12.9% service fee or $1.99 minimum on shipped orders. The money made on a sale can be deposited into your bank account. 


If you’re looking for apps that pay you to walk, Achievement is a great choice. You can also get paid for activities like biking, swimming, and other exercises. These are all tracked through the app. You can earn 80 points per day for activities, and an extra 6 points can be made by tracking sleep, weighing yourself, logging food, or sharing your journey. 

10,000 points add up to $10 that can also be donated to certain charities. It’s not a huge return on your investment to get to that $10; it will take four months of maximizing those points. But once you set it up, there’s not anything else involved other than remembering to redeem your points.

It also connects to popular fitness trackers and apps, including Apple Health, MyFitnessPal, Fitbit, Garmin, and Samsung Health. 

Swagbucks Live

There are many ways to make money from gaming apps. Swagbucks Live uses a trivia game show format that players can win big cash prizes from playing. It would be best if you were located in the United States or Canada to play.

How Swagbucks Live works is that every weekday a set of trivia questions and multiple-choice answers are available. For each question, you have 10 seconds to answer. You must answer every question correctly to win the grand prize.

This prize is split evenly when multiple players answer all of these questions correctly. You don’t have to be a grand prize winner to receive something either. You earn points for every answer that was corrected. These points can be built up to be redeemed for free gift cards and cash. 


This app is among the best apps to sell stuff for people with a lot of clothing and accessories. After signing up, you can start uploading photos of your item, fill out a description, set a price, and list it on their platform. 

The app also has “Posh Parties,” which are virtual shopping events centered around a specific theme. For example, it could focus on all things Kate Spade or winter clothes. 

Once you’ve sold an item, Poshmark will email you a shipping label. Then all you have to do is package your item up and send it on its way. What’s nice about Poshmark is they handle the entire process. They can even serve as an intermediary between any issues between you and the buyer. 

Poshmark takes $2.95 for each sale under $15 and 20% for sales above that. You get paid within three days of the order being received. Sales can be sent to your bank account, or they can cut a check.

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