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Best High-Paying Job Opportunities for the Night Owls

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Mornings aren’t for everyone. Those who feel they hit their stride in the evening can find night jobs that pay well even compared to the day shifters. Jobs for night owls are available for people in some fields like transportation, healthcare, hospitality, and technology, to name a few. So if you want to find a career that doesn’t have the traditional 9 to 5 schedule, we’ve compiled a list of the best overnight jobs that pay well. 

Advantages of Night Shift Jobs

Graveyard shift jobs are ideal for people who feel more energized during the night. Your body’s internal clock isn’t the only reason to choose a night job. Other benefits include:

  • Make more money. There are several high-paying night jobs because these positions are harder to fill than their counterparts.
  • Give you more flexibility. Trying to run errands during lunch or after 5 p.m. can be hard to squeeze in. Not working during the day gives you the flexibility to make appointments, get groceries, run to the store, and other tasks around your schedule. 
  • Less competition for graveyard shift jobs. Overall, some fewer people are willing to work nights. When you are competing with fewer applicants for the position, it will improve your chances of being hired as long as you are qualified. 
  • Bureaucracy is limited. Workplaces that have night shifts tend to have fewer distractions like meetings. The bulk of meetings occur during the day, so you get the benefit of not having to attend them in most cases. The work environment is also typically more relaxing. 
  • No rush hour traffic. Commuting in the morning and evening for a regular day job can be a nightmare in big cities. There are more vehicles on the road, and the likelihood of accidents is much higher. The traffic you will encounter will most likely be heading in the opposite direction, making your drive much faster. 

Overnight Jobs in Skilled Trades

With a college degree or the right training, there are many opportunities for night jobs that pay well. Check out some of these best overnight jobs that could be your next career path.

ER Doctor

As an emergency room doctor, you could be dealing with a range of things from car accidents, heart attacks to treating gunshot wounds. It’s a high-stress job where lives are in your hands. You must be able to assess the situation and make accurate decisions quickly. You have to go to medical school, complete a residency program, and fellowship before getting certified to be in this field. That usually takes over a decade from beginning college. An ER doctor’s income potential is well above $250,000 a year, making it one of the best night jobs that pay well.

Registered Nurse

One of the best overnight jobs for those who want to work in the medical field is to become a registered nurse. Overnight nurses typically make a shift differential for working night shifts. They generally work 12-hour shifts, and there are several specialization areas, such as critical care. There is a huge demand for nurses, and this need is expected to grow over in years to come. That’s why this job is one of high paying night jobs. To become a registered nurse, you must complete a nursing program and pass an exam. Nurses make a solid $77,000 on average per year.

Air Traffic Controller

The professional air traffic controller directs airplanes that are in the sky and ground. An air traffic controller must possess great multitasking skills, concentration, and problem-solving abilities. They must be able to handle dealing with unexpected situations, including mechanical issues and bad weather. If you’re interested in becoming an air traffic controller, you must attend an Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative program. Called AT-CTI, some schools offer 2 or 4-year degrees that prepare you for a career in air traffic control. It’s one of the best night jobs that pay well, with an average salary of around $124,000. 

Truck Driver

If you want to combine your love of open road with working nights, consider becoming a truck driver. The length of time you drive and rest is regulated due to the potential danger of driving a big rig without sleep. The lifestyle of a truck driver is significantly different from typical jobs. You could be on the road for weeks at a time before being able to go home. To get your commercial driver’s license, you’ll need to get training. According to ZipRecruiter, the pay can vary greatly, but night delivery jobs tend to earn around $47,000. 

Funeral Director

A funeral director needs to be on call at all hours and days due to their job responsibilities. Deaths are unplanned events, so their availability is one of the requirements for this job. Funeral directors handle the embalming, burial/cremation of the dead, and the planning preparation for a funeral ceremony. This job is very meaningful, and it’s not a fit for everyone. With an average salary of around $85,000, the income potential helps offset this job’s challenge. 

Police Officer

Police work can be dangerous, though it is an advantageous career path. Your responsibilities include issuing traffic tickets, following up on 911 calls, patrolling, and investigating crime scenes. Police officers who work at night tend to be exposed to more danger. You should have the mental toughness to handle the stressful situations that you might encounter. It’s also important to be in good shape. To become a police officer, you should get law enforcement training. Careers in law enforcement, on average, bring a $67,000 annual salary. 

Overnight Jobs without a Degree

Overnight jobs that pay well that don’t require a degree or special certifications are also a possibility. Here are some that you might want to consider.

Casino Dealer

Casinos are always open, so they are a great place to find graveyard shift jobs. Games like roulette, craps, poker, and blackjack need dealers to run the tables. Having good people skills is important because it impacts how much you can make in tips. Working nights as a casino dealer usually means you have better tip potential since people typically go to casinos. A few weeks of training is all you need to start making at least an average of over $34,000.

Computer Support Specialist

These professionals help users who are having technical problems with their computer, software, etc. Also called help desk technicians, you should have an aptitude for understanding technical issues and good customer service skills. Having good listening skills is also important as you’ll be trying to determine what the problem is based on what a client is saying. These jobs for night owls, on average, can provide a salary of around $56,000.


The tip potential makes bartending one of the high paying night jobs available without a degree. You do need to get some experience before becoming a bartender. One of the best ways to do this is by starting as a barback. A barback’s responsibilities will help you learn how to clean the bar properly, bartender lingo and how to communicate behind the bar, stocking and preparing a bar with the inventor, understanding the glassware, and standard liquor bottle sizes, and wine bottle sizes, and more. According to Payscale, bartenders make around $30,000, but working nights and weekends could boost that amount.

Forklift Operator

A forklift operator is responsible for transporting materials around sites like factories, storage yards, and warehouses. Other duties include reporting shortages, inspecting machinery, producing activity logs, and identifying damages. Having strong attention to detail, good physical condition and coordination are also important. You do need to get a valid certificate to operate forklifts. The training typically lasts about a week. Working overnight shifts can bring a little extra money than the average pay of $34,000 they make. 

Merchandise Stocker

Retail, grocery, and department stores typically use the nights to replenish shelves. It allows them to be ready the next day for consumers to buy. Other duties a merchandise stocker may do include updating pricing on products and setting up displays. Attention to detail is vital because they will also update inventory records. This job is typically done with a hand-held scanner. Stockers will be moving around the store and lifting potentially heavy products, so being in good shape is helpful. Merchandise stockers make around $29,000 annually through salaries on the high-end can be more than $42,000. 

Pizza Delivery Driver

Night delivery jobs like this can make for excellent second jobs. The hours usually don’t go later than midnight, but if you like working alone and driving around, this job could be the easy way to make money. Other duties that you may find yourself doing include cleaning up the store and making pizza boxes. Pizza delivery drivers earn tips that bring their average pay to around $12.20 an hour.

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