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What to Do After You Retire: Best Retirement Activity Ideas

You can spend your time however you choose once you retire. Although many of us make after-retirement plans, we end up with extra time on our hands. Then the question becomes what to do after retirement to keep yourself busy. But not only that, we want fun things to do in retirement because we deserve it after working so hard for decades. So if you’re looking for some retirement hobbies to take up or still don’t know what to do after retirement, we’ve put together some fun things to try.

Prepare Your Retirement Savings Plan

Before diving into activities for seniors, it is important to review your retirement savings. If you are nearing retirement, you should be checking your retirement accounts to make sure you have saved enough. It is the time to put more money into your retirement savings plan, such as your IRA. After 50, you can contribute an additional $1000 a year as a catch-up provision to boost your retirement income.

Also, look for ways to reduce or pay off your debt. Those debt payments could increase the amount of money available in your retirement budget to have more things to do when you retire. It is important because your savings affects the retirement hobbies that you can enjoy.

Your Retirement Lifestyle

The retirement activity that you want to take on is usually shaped by the lifestyle you wish to live after working. Consider what type of retirement lifestyle you want to have. Some of after retirement plans for living include:

  • Beach Living
  • Golf course community
  • Going back to school
  • Volunteer work
  • Take on a second career

Things To Do When You Retire

There are plenty of activities for seniors that you can choose from. We’ve broken down each retirement activity into three different buckets below.

Personal Development in Retirement

Continuing to learn and grow doesn’t stop when you leave the workforce. Here are fun things to do in retirement that will keep your mind sharp:

  • Teach
  • Go into public service
  • Start a business
  • Learn to play a new musical instrument
  • Learn a new language
  • Read books regularly
  • Become a mentor
  • Work part-time at a job that interests you
  • Use a hobby and turn it into the product that you sell
  • Draw, paint, or some other artistic activity
  • Create a podcast
  • Become a consultant
  • Grow your friend base
  • Become an expert at something
  • Keep up with new technology

Health and Wellness

  • Take up mediation
  • Join a fitness group
  • Learn and play a new sport
  • Join a sports league
  • Get engaged with spiritual activities, including church activities
  • Learn yoga
  • Learn to cook healthy meals
  • Take Pilates classes
  • Join or start a walking or hiking club


  • Visit family
  • Spend time with your friends
  • Babysit your grandkids
  • Try a summer camp for grownups
  • Move to the city, suburb, or rural area
  • Work on house projects like remodeling
  • Go RVing
  • Grow a garden
  • Travel to different states or counties
  • Go to concerts or plays

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