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How to Make Extra Money Online without Any Capital

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There are so many ways to learn how to make money online that you can find something that suits you. If you want to make money online and you don’t have a lot of money to start, we’ve put together a few to consider.

Start to Earn Extra Money with Dropshipping

You might have heard about how to make money online through this type of online business. The key to any business is having a product to sell. Creating your own products is time-consuming. Buying in bulk from a manufacturer and shipping out products to customers is expensive. If you aren’t’ having much luck selling your product, then you also may end up needing to store them for a while.

To sidestep all these obstacles and earn extra money, you can do dropshipping instead. Dropshipping is one of the easy ways to make money without risk available.

How it Works

You work with a wholesaler or distributor that offers this drop shipping service to get started. All the marketing is handled by you, which could mean activities like:

Basically, you are doing all the promotion, advertising, and marketing for the product. When it sells, the wholesaler will send and fulfill on the product. They keep the inventory in their warehouse until they receive your order by paying the wholesale price. You make money online based on the orders you receive without any upfront money.

Online Tutorials

Another one of the easy ways to make money online is by doing tutorials. People hit the internet to do many things, including learning new things and finding out information. Think about your skill sets. Topics that can be covered include art, photography, cooking, technology, language, etc.

Create your own online tutorials that cover something that you already know about. There are many easy to use platforms that you can use to create your online course. It can also complement an existing business that you have. There is some time involved in creating the course itself, and you might have to play around with the pricing before finding the right amount to charge.

Tips to Make Money with Tutorials

Don’t spend time creating a course that people aren’t going to buy. Do market research to determine whether people want to know about your topic and whether they will buy it.

Decide how best to deliver your lessons. Nowadays, there’s an expectation that a variety of teaching methods will be used. It includes audio, checklists, video, worksheets, and text.

Affiliate Programs

Learning how to make money online through affiliate marketing will allow you to generate passive income while you sleep. Affiliate marketing is when you get paid a commission for traffic or sales that are generated from your referrals from a retailer. You embed their product link in your content, and when users click and buy the product or service using your link, you get paid.

You need to have two things to get started:

  • A blog or website in your niche
  • Affiliates program partners that have products you to promote

The key is that your website or blog is creating content that reaches your target audience. It will take some time to establish this by generating high-quality content. Some strategies as far as keywords, social media outreach, and building an email list can help reach your audience.

Other tips to make money with affiliate links include:

  • Add affiliate links when it fits your content. Otherwise, it will seem strange and take away from your trust and authority in the subject matter.
  • Utilize your website’s space. Use sidebar widgets, inline banners, and floating bars to promote your affiliate products.
  • Drop your links early on. Earn extra money from the commission by putting your affiliate link to the product at the top of your blog post or article in case people don’t read it all.

Get Paid to Write Articles

Using your gifted writing skills honed through your blog or website, you can also make money writing for others. Many companies are willing to pay anywhere from $50 to $1,000 for a post. To get paid to write articles, search for companies within your niche, and see if they have a “Write for us” section with details. Most of them will require a “pitch” for your article idea, so be prepared.

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