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Teaching Kids to Value of Money by Starting an Easy Job

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The importance of having a solid financial grounding early in life can’t be overstated. The habits they pick up will stay with them for the rest of their lives. So how can you as parents teach them about the value of money? Getting them to make money as a kid is one effective way to help them build a good financial future. 

Why Jobs for Kids Help Teach Better Money Habits

Participating in real life money situations introduces the financial decisions they will be making throughout their life. Work for kids gets them earning money and learning how much effort it takes to make it. Even if they’re not quite old enough to do yard work, there are some “creative jobs for kids” they can do that will get the point across. 

For example, if you have a young child, try teaching them about money through playing games. This idea is how they learn, so playing games focused on money and spending can be a great start. Have your child set up a fake shop in your home, then use fake money to spend on various items.

Show them what a reasonable price would be for an item and what’s not. Board games such as Monopoly and Life are excellent games that heavily emphasize money and spending. 

Another way to get your kid learning about money is by allowing them to participate in financial decisions around the household. You can give them a few dollars when you’re out grocery shopping and ask them to pick out an item that’s within that price range. 

When you’re out shopping with your kid, talk out loud about your thinking process when buying items. For instance, “I’m going to buy this loaf of bread instead of this one because it’s a dollar less.”

How to Get Money as a Kid

You don’t have to be 15 or 16 to make money as a kid. It’s easier for this generation to earn money because of the digital age we live in today. Here are nine ways on how to get money as a kid that you can have them try. 

Yard Sale

Have your child go through their old toys, clothes, and shoes for things that can be sold at a yard sale. Take it a step further by helping them find items up in the basement, garage, attic, etc., to help organize the event. This yard sale is one of many part-time jobs for kids that they can learn from home. They can help with tasks such as setting up, pricing, taking money, and closing down. This type of work for kids will also elevate their business skills. Set up some guidelines on what money they get to keep from helping with a yard sale. The added benefit of having a yard sale is freeing up space in your home!

Organization Service

If your child has a knack for organizing, then they could offer others help in this area. They should be at least 11 or 12 years old to start this kind of job for kids. Help them get clients by asking around your friends, family, and neighbors. Also, be prepared to assist them too with organizing other people’s things. 

Washing Cars

This idea is one of the summer jobs for kids that works well to offer to your neighbors. It gets them moving too. Plus, once they are old enough to get a work permit, this would be a good experience to get hired as a car wash.

Take Online Surveys

A kid that has access to a computer, tablet, or smartphone can turn their device time into money. Online surveys are one of the ways kids can make money that is relatively new. And kids these days spend quite a bit of time on these devices. Swagbucks and Opinion Outpost are a couple of online survey sites they could try. 

Lawn Mowing

Here is another one of those summer jobs for kids that also provides some good exercise. Hire your kid to mow your lawn first so they can practice. Once they have shown that they can handle that, go with them around the neighborhood to see who would be interested. They could make $10 to $40 or more per yard, depending on the size. It takes an hour or two to mow a lawn. Plus, lawns typically need to be trimmed once a week, so just a few regular clients can provide a kid’s reliable income. 

Yard Work

This service can be an option when upselling your kid’s lawn mowing customers. That makes it one of the easy jobs for kids to find work in. Yard work may consist of picking weeds, watering plants and flowers, spreading mulch, and much more. They can turn into a chance to offer services like shoveling snow off the driveways and sidewalks during the winter months, depending on your area. 

Create a YouTube Channel

Who would have thought that a kid could get famous by opening up new toys? Youtube has made it possible for anyone to make money by posting videos that receive many views. Whether your child is passionate about toys, video games, or a specific niche community, it’s possible to make some serious cash. Your child must be at least 13 years old to start a YouTube account on their own, so keep that in mind. Otherwise, they can start the account under your information. 

Sell Jewelry or Crafts Online

A kid that has an artistic streak can learn the value of money by selling their creative handmade items. Etsy is one of the most popular platforms that brings together buyers and sellers all over the world. It’s the one of many ways kids can make money by turning to their passion and helping them perfect their skills.  

Dog Walking

When talking about easy jobs for kids, that’s also a lot of fun; dog walking is at the top! Many dog owners who run busy lives need help getting their canines some exercise. You can help your child advertise their services around the neighborhood to get them started. 

Best Ways to Make Money as a Teenager

When your kid becomes a teenager, more possibilities open for them to learn the value of money through working for it. Having a driver’s license is definitely helpful for some part-time jobs for kids. However, there are still options available if they don’t have one yet. Here are 5 of the best ways to make money as a teenager. 


This classic job is perfect for teenagers. There are a ton of babysitter websites that your teen can advertise their babysitting services locally. What’s beneficial about these websites is that they can help you find customers since they do all the advertising. Social media is another great channel to use for finding work.

Online Tutor

Teenagers who are knowledgeable in certain subjects can use their expertise to help others. Tutoring websites connect tutors with students who are struggling with their school work. Getting help from a peer on a one-on-one basis is more valuable than from a teacher. Your teenager will also sharpen their knowledge about the topics they help others learn. It’s a benefit to both parties. Plus, tutoring is all done virtually without the need for them to leave their bedroom or home. 

Painting Houses

Painting is ideal when your teenager has a friend or sibling that can also help. They will most likely need a ladder and painting tools to complete most jobs. It’s best to start with doing some interior painting jobs. For example, if you have a friend, neighbor, or family member that needs to get a room painted, you could see whether they’d hire your teen. Have them purchase all the material and paint for the job. 

Review Songs 

Teens that love listening to music daily can turn that into a way to make money. MusicXRay is a platform where you get paid to provide your opinion on a song. They only need to listen to 30 seconds of the song to get paid. It’s a great way to make a little extra money while on the school bus. 

Get a Part-Time Job

Once your teen is old enough to get a work permit, they can get a steady job with fixed pay and hours. Some of the jobs that are a good fit for teens who are looking for a part-time job gigs include:

  • Working in retail – The mall or stores they like to shop in are good places to find a job.
  • Grocery store – They are almost always hiring for help with cashiering, stocking, bagging groceries, and other activities
  • Movie Theater – Perks typically include free or discounted movies and food, which is ideal for the teen who’s also a movie buff
  • Restaurant work – Dishwashers, Hostesses, and waiters/waitresses are usual teenage jobs here. Many of these workers also get tips that can help them potentially earn much more.
  • Pizza Delivery – Your teen should have a license and be a responsible driver for this job.

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