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Fun Ways to Save Money Online Shopping

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“I like paying sticker price for things,” said no one ever. Don’t overspend on things when there are ways to enjoy cost saving on those items on your shopping wish list. We’ve got money-saving advice that you can start using now.

Reasons To Save Money

It might seem like a no-brainer because inherently, we all want to save money when we’re shopping. But being proactive with looking for easy ways to save money will also help you learn how to manage your money. If you’re on a budget, the cost savings from using promo codes, coupons, and other ways to save at checkout will give you more leftover funds for important financial goals.

With the growth of the internet, we’re finding ourselves doing more of our shopping online. The recent COVID-19 pandemic also shifted more of our behavior to spending on e-commerce.

There are also multiple easy ways to save money that we can find online. If these good reasons to save money resonate with you, keep reading to find out more about how to save money online.

How to Save Money Online

Here are four money-saving ideas to try the next time you’re checking things off your shopping wish list:

Get Rakuten

Formally known as eBates, this is a website that you can automatically earn rebates for using their link before submitting your order to one of their partner retailers. You’ll find everyone there, including Amazon, Target, Nike, GameStop, etc. Download their browser extension, and it will automatically look for rebates that you can use at checkout.

Use Free In-store Pickup Instead

Most stores usually offer free shipping as a promotion or if you make a minimum purchase. Some money-saving advice: If you only need an item or two, it rarely makes sense to add more things to your cart for free shipping. Instead, opt for getting in-store pickup instead. Most of the big retailers like Kohls and Walmart offer this choice.

Save Money Online Shopping with Coupon Codes

To shop and save coupons, you must make sure the website allows you to combine promo codes and coupons. For example, let’s say you have a promo code for $5 off and a 10 percent discount. This is another idea to save money online shopping is not available on most websites, but you can still try. Use the 10 percent discount promo code first, then use the $5 coupon to save even more. This strategy is how to save money online.

Leave Products In Your Shopping Cart

Another good way to save money online shopping is by adding items to your cart. You should make sure to have created an account on the shopping cart as well. Many retailers use items in customer’s carts to send follow up emails for price drop alerts. Consider setting up a separate email account for these shopping accounts if you don’t want to get many promotional emails on your primary email account.

Everyday Money Saving Ideas

Other than using various shop and save coupons or promos to save money online, there are ways you can save on your daily spending. Here are a few ideas on how to save money when going to the grocery store or your favorite retailer:

  • Use a cashback credit card – There are hundreds of credit cards out there with their reward perks. Some may offer as much as 5 percent cash back for shopping in categories like gas, groceries, travel, and dining. Consider opening a credit card that offers cashback rewards in your most used spending categories and use them at every opportunity.
  • Buy and use discounted gift cards –,, and Costco members can buy gift cards at discounted prices. You could find deals like a $100 Walmart gift card for $85. Buy discounted cards for stores that you shop at regularly to help save money on your budget.
  • Purchased older, used, or refurbished models – Buying an item that’s no longer in season or last year’s model will save you a lot of money. You could save hundreds of dollars when it comes to electronics like an open-box TV. These items also come with their manufacturer warranties, so you don’t have to worry about not being covered if something goes wrong.

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