85 Well Paying Online Jobs Without An Investment

85 Well Paying Online Jobs Without An Investment

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Making money from an online job that allows you to stay at home can be an ideal situation for many people. Stay at home parents, students, and those who just want a source of income from a part-time opportunity are among those who want these types of jobs. Many of these online jobs require you to pay start-up costs or other types of fees to get started.

Nothing everyone has the money to put into such investment or want to do that in the first place. We’ve compiled a list of 85 online jobs that you don’t require an investment on your end to get started. They also pay well so you’re not working for a few dollars an hour.

Online Virtual Assistant Jobs

Virtual assistants complete a variety of different work for their clients. You don’t necessarily have to have a background in this work to be considered. Ideally, you should have some knowledge about writing and software to complete the types of tasks you will most likely complete.

Websites with Online Virtual Assistant Jobs

  1. 99 Social-If you are particularly drawn to social media, 99 Social specializes in this area and caters to small to medium-sized businesses. You must write and speak English fluently to be considered, but otherwise, you don’t need a copywriting background for consideration. Activities include writing social media posts and curating content (photos and articles) for their clients.
  2. Boldly – Positions that pay $20 an hour starting for executive assistants, marketing and social media specialists, project managers, and executive assistants are available. You do need experience in those areas to be qualified for an opportunity.
  3. Fancy Hands – The work involves some internet research like finding the best price, data entry, scheduling, and calling on behalf of people. Task pay $3 to $7 each and can go up from there. There is also the possibility of being promoted to a manager role.
  4. Smith.ai – For work as a virtual receptionist, you can get paid $10 an hour as long as you work 20 hours a week and pass a speed typing test. You will do all the work a receptionist would do in a real office like booking appointments, screening, and transferring clients, taking calls, and answering chats online.
  5. Time Etc – You can apply for the type of work you’re interested in the most from general virtual assistance, marketing, and social media, writing, and customer service/telesales. Pay starts at $11 per hour and must have at least five years of experience working.
  6. Vicky Virtual – This business handles phone calls for small business owners. Your duties will revolve around assisting callers who have questions from their multiple clients, receptionist duties, and booking appointments. Compensation is set at $10 per hour.
  7. Virtual Gal Friday – They post listing for virtual assistant opportunities that may range from paralegal, medical, executive assistant, etc. You do need administrative skills and can expect to make $12 to $14 an hour.

Online Teaching Jobs

If you have a passion for teaching, you could make a legitimate home career teaching students online. The hours are generally flexible and the income is solid. Most of the jobs will require that you have at least a bachelor’s degree.

  1. Brainfuse – You must live in the United States and have at least a master’s degree to qualify for a tutoring job through Brainfuse.
  2. Chegg – You can sign up to be a tutor for students from middle school up to college on a variety of different topics. Get paid weekly and make around $20 per hour.
  3. Elevate K-12 – The working hours for this online teaching job is weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm eastern. The content and learning plan is provided for you. You need a bachelor’s degree and experience to be eligible.
  4. Landi – This online English language teaching program is geared towards Chinese kids. The compensation varies from between $10 to $18 and there’s a weekly commitment of four days a week that equates at least 12 hours.
  5. Magic Ears – Teach English online to students from four to twelve years old and earn between $20 to $26 an hour. You need at least a bachelor’s degree (or be a university student), have experience, and a certificate to be hired.
  6. Skooli –  To be a Skooli online tutor, you must hold at least a bachelor’s degree, a government-issued teaching license, and hold specialized instructor qualifications. They don’t mention the rate, but you compensated based on the time you spend tutoring and can cash out after completing a session.
  7. Tutor – Depending on the position, you may need some college education to qualify although you don’t need experience. They also have a military spouse employment program to help connect military spouses with job opportunities.
  8. TutorMe – Your income potential starts at $16 with the possibility of bonuses. You have the benefit of a flexible schedule that you can decide how often to tutor students.
  9. Qkids – This is an online education platform for Native English teachers to connect with Chinese students who are between four and twelve years old. The curriculum is already set so you don’t have to plan lessons.
  10. Yup – To become a tutor you must pass a math proficiency exam and a teaching exam which is like a tutoring session simulation. The subjects that Yup offers include early math, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, probability, pre-calculus, and calculus AB.
  11. VIP Kid – To sign up as a teacher, you need to at least commit to a minimum of six months. However, you can work as much as you want, earning between $15 and $22 an hour.

Online Data Entry Jobs

One of the simplest opportunities for making money at home without much more than being a fast typer is data entry. While some jobs are pretty cut and dry where you type in information, others may require paying closer attention to areas including formatting. You also need to have excellent attention to detail.

  1. Clickworker – This is a remote job site that has various opportunities to find clients for work, with a large emphasis on data entry positions.
  2. Fiverr – Job board for business owners to find help on a variety of projects including data entry. You can use the site to build up experience and gain a clientele base.
  3. Freelancer – Another job board that has various job categories including sales, marketing, translation, design, and of course data entry. You have to submit a bid to a potential client and the monetary compensation is variable.
  4. Upwork – Find projects including data entry positions that clients are seeking. Projects will vary in scope and could be a one-time project or something that lasts several months.
  5. The Smart Crowd – This appears to only have part-time work available. Each assignment has a specific compensation structure which you must accept before starting.
  6. Mega Typers – You can make around $200 per month for this Captcha entry jobs. Rates start at $0.45 TyperCredits for every 1000 word images typed.
  7. Kolotibablo – Their Captcha work pays as much as $1 for every 1000 captcha images that are typed.
  8. 2Captcha – Pay starts at $0.50 centers for every 1000 solved Captchas that you can get a payout at $0.50 cents.
  9. Sig Track – Freelancers in data entry can get connected with those who running grassroots campaigns. Must have a PayPal account to receive payment.
  10. Data Plus – Hires data entry operators to handle data entry on behalf of other businesses.

Online Reservations Agent

Every so often, large companies have remote reservation agent positions available. Since they come upon a limited basis, you will need to check these openings often. Some of these opportunities might also have benefits available which are an added bonus.

  1. Alaska Airlines – Although you can work remoting, they do require to live near Kent, Washington where is where they hold their onsite training. You can expect training to last at least six months.
  2. American Airlines – You must also be available to train on-site before starting their “home-based” positions. If you live in Texas, North Carolina, or Florida, this might work for you.
  3. Carnival Cruise Lines – They are on an infrequent basis for a low starting pay. They do offer benefits and commission however.
  4. Enterprise – Remote agents nationwide are hired with this car rental agency. The pay starts at $12 per hour.
  5. Hertz – Another car rental agency, you can expect to make about $11 an hour starting for their remote opportunities.
  6. Hilton Worldwide – If you live in or near Florida, North Carolina, or Texas, you might be able to snag one of their openings. Base pay starts around $9 to $10 an hour and they hire often.
  7. Marriott – You are required to attend their 90-day on-site training before getting the chance to work from home. You will start around $13 an hour for their agent position.
  8. Norwegian Cruise Lines – On-site training in Arizona or Florida is required. They have occasional listings and offer $11 an hour in addition to some benefits.
  9. Omni Hotels – Part-time positions are available at times for online reservations positions.
  10. Travel Agent at AAA Club Alliance – Get paid around $17 an hour with benefits. You need at least a high school education. They prefer applicants to have 18 months of experience and accreditation from a travel school.

Online Writing Jobs

Whether you have a beginner or expert level writing skills, there’s a variety of work available. The pay can range greatly from $10 an article or several hundred dollars. Another option is to start your blog and monetize using Google AdSense.

  1. CopyPress – In addition to writing jobs, they have positions also available in coding, design, and marketing. They work with companies within the financial services, technology, travel, hospitality, and legal services just to make a few.
  2. Creative Circle –  Large, metro cities with businesses looking for writers, marketing, product management and more can be connected with their talent. Sign up as a W-2 employee through them so you don’t have to deal with 1099 forms.
  3. Doctor of Credit – You can make $50 for each guest post that’s accepted. Payments are made via PayPal and are generally made once the post is live on the site.
  4. Entelligent – Their contributor network includes journalists, bloggers, scientists, and business analysts. Their work is specifically in the energy industry.
  5. Problogger – A job board that updates their listing regularly with companies that pay for their gigs. You can also find resources for free to help improve your writing skills.
  6. ResumeEdge – If you have a knack for writing/editing resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles, this might be the opportunity for you. They prefer that you have experience.
  7. Wonder – They hire researchers to answer questions that their clients submit. Must have great writing skills.
  8. Textbroker – Sing up to get connected with a variety of clients including e-commerce websites, publishing houses, and more. There are a variety of topics for you to choose from.
  9. The Content Authority – You must be able to read and comprehend English will submit a writing sample during the application process.
  10. The Penny Hoarder – To get paid for a post, you must make a pitch that they accept. The website focuses on topics including making money.
  11. Scripted – They state on their website that writers make over ten cents a word on average. Freelance writers also have control over their workload and pricing. You must pass a test to qualify for their marketplace.
  12. SitePoint – Authors who can write about HTML and CSS are always in demand for good money. You can get $150 for articles and $300 for longer posts.
  13. Skyword – Freelance positions include opportunities for graphic designers, videographers, photographers, and other creative work. Their platform manages assignments, payment, and scheduling on your behalf.
  14. Tempesta Media – Write content for clients in over 300 different industries.
  15. iWriter – Make up to  $80 for 500 words of content once you have moved up their ranks. You can write as much as you want.
  16. Verblio – Starting pay for a 300 to 400-word post is $10.50 and they accept all experience levels. Writers are paid through PayPal each Monday.
  17. WriterBay.com – With a bachelor’s degree, you should have great writing skills and be able to pass plagiarism checks. The work is for resume writing.

Online Transcriptionist Jobs

Transcribing audio may take some practice when starting out. It requires you to play audio and rollback audio to capture the audio content. These jobs generally will pay you by the audio hour which you must remember isn’t like a clock hour. For example, it could take you a few hours to transcribe an audio hour.

  1. Accutran – You can get hired without any experience as you can pass their tests.
  2. A & P Transcription – You must have one year of experience and a 65 words per minute typing speed.
  3. 3 Play Media – Depending on your experience, you can get between $10 to $30 an hour. You must have a 75 words per minute typing ability and a good internet connection.
  4. Cambridge Transcriptions – To consider this job, you should have abilities in transcribing depositions, arbitrations, and administrative hearings.
  5. Cyber Dictate – You can be hired as an independent contractor and have the equipment necessary including transcription software, headset, and foot pedal. Then you must pass their test to be considered.
  6. Etranscription – To be qualified for a position, you must have a typing speed of least 80 words per minute. You must have prior experience as well.
  7. Focus Forward – You can receive opportunities for higher-paying jobs eventually but you will start at $0.40 per audio minute.
  8. GMR Transcriptionist – Ther website states their transcriptionists make between $1,000 and $3,000 a month on average. You can go in without any experience or if you have certification or training, sign up for a certified translator position.
  9. Outsec – Qualified typists will have at least two years of typing experience. To work in their legal department, you need 10 years’ experience in legal secretary work.
  10.  Transcribe Me – While you don’t need previous experience, you must be a fluent English speaker and have good grammar skills. The pay is said to be low.
  11. Ubiqus – There’s a wide range of jobs including translators, interpreters, ars techs, audio techs, hearing reporters, summary writers, transcriptionists, and proofreaders.

Proofreading and Editing Online Jobs

Positions in this field will usually allow you to work your own hours and be an independent contractor. You should have strong attention to detail and good English writing skills.

  1. Domainite – There’s a test you must to work here but you don’t need experience to start working.
  2. Edit Fast – To be eligible, you must have a degree, word processing software, previous experience with editing/proofreading, and computer skills. They take 40 percent of total project price through their platform.
  3. Gramlee – Work from home with this independent contract work as an editor. They are also looking for workers but will be in touch with you if your application catches their eye.
  4. Kirkus – Current opportunities are available as a book reviewer. Reviews must be around 350 words long and they are due about two weeks from being assigned a book. They have a wide variety of genres and lengths that are available.
  5. Lifetips – Editors will also get a salary that includes full medical benefits. They need editors to review content produced by their freelance writers that are assigned to various client projects.
  6. Photoshop Tutorials – Do you have knowledge of Photoshop? You can earn between $25 and $50 for each article. Get between $150 to $300 for full tutorials.
  7. ProofreadingServices.com – They offer competitive pay that ranges from $19 to $46 an hour. The hours are flexible and you must pass a 20-minute test to be considered.
  8. Polygon – Stories about the industry and culture of video gaming is this website’s specialty. They want articles that are between 1000 and 5000 words.
  9. Scribendi – Freelance editor positions are available that allow you to work from home and on your own schedule. You must have at least a university degree with three years of experience in language teaching, editing, writing, or document production.

Online Customer Service Jobs

Many companies need customer service help and these opportunities are available online too. You get to work a flexible schedule for the most part and may even get some benefits.

  1. KellyConnect – Start at $13.50 an hour with a $1.00 increase after 90 days. You must have at least a high school degree and good technical ability with laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
  2. Sykes – Work at home positions include virtual agents, customer support, and even team lead. Check what states each position is available before applying.
  3. Amazon – Check this site often to see what virtual positions come up. They’re not always available in all areas though.
  4. The Chat Shop – A live chat outsourcing company, you can get hired for a remote position. They employ UK and US-based individuals.
  5. Alorica – They have work-at-home opportunities where you might be able to get some benefits too. Worldwide they also have operations available in 14 countries and 120 sites.
  6. Home Shopping Network – They may have job opportunities that allow you to work from home. Check back frequently to see if anything is available.
  7. Mod Squad – Work from anywhere you have a secure internet connection doing work that may include managing online communities, chatting, moderating forums, and social media.
  8. ICUC Social – Offers community management services that also have opportunities for advancement
  9. The Social Element – The pay range is between $14 and $17 an hour for online moderation work.
  10. The Pincushion – Chat online and help customers find products. You get compensated in points that can be redeemed for various products.

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