Save Money

» March 2, 2020

If you ask people if saving money is important, most of them will tell you yes. But if you ask those same people how much money they have saved, many […]

» February 23, 2020

You’ve probably been in one or both of these scenarios:  1. You want to open a checking/savings account or use another type of financial product 2. You want to switch over your […]

» December 12, 2019

Frugal living is a term many people associate with cheap. This, however, couldn’t be further from the truth! Frugality is simply a way to cut back on expenses and finding […]

» December 5, 2019

When we think of the term stingy, it often gives off a negative connotation. Cheap, frugal, somebody who refuses to spend money on anything might be a few things that […]

» November 7, 2019

Even despite the rise of technology, many people continue to use the old tried and true money order. There are so many different ways to send money electronically in this […]

» October 17, 2019

Building an emergency fund may seem like an impossible task. We get it: You have kids, medical expenses, student loans, car payments, a mortgage, blah blah blah. But you need to […]

» October 1, 2019

We asked 27 personal finance experts to share their BEST money-saving tips for young adults. You may have just started a new career and are finally pulling in those big […]

» September 27, 2019

​Have you been paying your electric bill over and over again feeling like you are simply at the mercy of your utility provider? Join the club. Luckily, we are about […]