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Swagbucks Review: Is it Legit to Make Money?

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To make extra money, some people will start a side hustle or a second job. But that takes a lot of commitment. That’s why it would be great if you could make money online for things that you do in your spare time.

It is actually possible to earn rewards and money by browsing the internet, shopping online, taking surveys, and watching videos, and playing games. The Swagbucks app allows you to earn cash in these different ways.

The best part is that you can get free money while you’re commuting on the bus to school or work, waiting for an appointment, and other idle times. You won’t get rich from using a Swagbucks account, but it could earn you some extra cash for getting online.

Is Swagbucks worth it to sign up for? In this Swagbucks review, we’ll cover everything that you need to know.

What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is an online rewards program that was founded in 2008 in El Segundo, California. Membership is free, and you simply need to provide an email address and password to start a Swagbucks account.

Once you verify your email, you can start earning Swagbucks rewards, which are points that are called SB. As you earn points, you can use them to redeem PayPal cash or gift cards. With as little as 300 SB points, you can start redeeming them for a reward.

How does Swagbucks work?

Once you’ve set up an account, through the Swagbucks website or mobile app, you’re ready to start collecting Swagbucks rewards. These SB points can be earned for completing activities such as:

  • Taking surveys
  • Viewing videos
  • Shopping online
  • Playing games
  • Browsing the web
  • Finding offers
  • Referring friends and family

2 ways to redeem your Swagbucks points

1. PayPal cash

Link up your PayPal with your Swagbucks account and get cash sent to your account. Use your PayPal cash to shop online or transfer it to your checking account.

2. Gift cards

Use your Swagbucks points on gift cards for places like Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart, Home Depot, Old Navy, Kohl’s, Target, and other leading retailers. You can also use it for a Visa gift card if you want more flexibility on where you can use it.

You’re probably wondering how much an SB point is worth. The calculation is pretty straightforward: 100 SB = $1.

The minimum age to open a Swagbucks account is 13 years old. So if you have a child who’s not old enough to work, but you want them to learn more about personal finance, this is one of the few opportunities available.

Swagbucks review: Is Swagbucks legit and worth it?

Making money in all these different ways seems too good to be true. But Swagbucks is not a scam. Using the Swagbucks website or app, you can earn rewards legitimately.

Some people have reported that the Swagbucks app is a scam. However, these claims are incorrect as there is confusion on the payouts and surveys. You should not expect that earning Swagbucks will substitute having a part-time job or earning enough extra cash to pay your rent.

The reason that Swagbucks can pay out an Amazon gift card, for instance, is because of its partnership with third-party market research groups. These companies are willing to pay to get your opinions and learn about your habits.

Can you really make money with Swagbucks?

Yes, you can make extra cash using Swagbucks. Each SB point you earn can be redeemed for a gift card or cash. Earning Swagbucks is a great way to make a little extra pocket money or redeem for a Home Depot, Best Buy, or Amazon gift card if you are planning on a purchase.

it’s a fun way to make extra money for doing things like taking a paid survey while you’re on your lunch break. But it’s not an alternative to having a part-time job or side hustle. Swagbuck points aren’t going to help you earn substantial passive income or anything like that.

Is Swagbucks worth doing?

How often are you sitting on the couch, watching a football game and a commercial starts to play? Why not get a reward for your free or idle time while you’re at it.

Swagbucks isn’t a way to make money online that’s equivalent to a job. But if you can earn cash or a free gift card by using that time you’re already using on your phone or laptop, Swagbucks is worth it.

The Swagbuck app can help you earn enough Swagbucks points to buy a meal, top off your gas, or pay for your Netflix subscription each month. That is definitely worth something.

How much can I earn with Swagbucks?

If you want to earn some extra pocket money, Swagbucks could be right up your alley. It’s also a great way for teens to each some extra cash.

You won’t be making substantial extra money like a few hundred dollars. But it can be realistic to expect to earn enough for a few trips out to eat or pay some bills each month.

How to earn money using Swagbucks

You can earn Swagbucks points in a number of different ways. You can get paid basically for everything except getting paid to walk. Let’s talk about all the ways you can earn rewards on its platform.

Scan receipts

Earn points toward an Amazon gift card or cash by scanning your receipts. You need to download the Swagbucks app to scan your receipts from places like grocery, drug, and convenience stores. Just snap a picture of your receipt from the app, and you can earn points.

Test products

There are many companies that will pay consumers to try out their products for free. For example, you can get paid to try out a service like Hulu or a new lotion bottle.

The Swagbucks Discover program allows you to earn SB points when you try out certain new products or when you open a new credit card account. If you plan to use the Swagbucks Discover program, make sure that you’re not doing it for the rewards. It’s only going to amount to a little of cash that’s not worth it on its own.

Watch videos

Using Swagbucks Watch, you can watch videos to earn points. You only earn 1 SB point (sometimes 2) for watching half an hour of video content. When you have Swagbucks Watch playing, if you tab away, the video will pause. But if you have two monitors or can use a split-screen to work on other things, it’s still a way to earn a little reward.

Take surveys

You’ve probably heard of the survey site, Survey Junkie. Swagbucks surveys offer a very similar service.

When you log in to Swagbucks surveys, you can see all the various surveys that are available. it also includes an estimated time of completion and how many SB points you can earn.

When you shop online at places like Best Buy, Home Depot, Walmart, Target, and others, you can earn cashback. To earn cashback, you simply need to click through from Swagbucks to the store you want to shop at.

Play games

Swagbucks members can also play games to earn extra cash. They have a game called Swagbucks Live which is their most popular game. Swagbucks Live airs Monday through Thursday at 8 PM Eastern.

It’s a live stream trivia game show that offers up to $1,000 in prize money for each game that’s played. Swagbucks Live has over 12,000 reviews on Apple’s App Store and is highly rated.


Save money and earn points by printing off coupons to your favorite retailer. For every coupon that you print off, you will earn one SB point. When you redeem a coupon, you earn 25 SB.

It’s not a ton of points, but if you want to save money on a purchase, you might as well take advantage of it.

Search online

A really easy way you can start earning Swagbucks points is to change your search engine to Swagbucks Search. As you surf the web, you’ll rack up points for doing something that you would be doing anyway!

Swagbucks Search is run by Yahoo, so you can trust that it will run efficiently.

Refer friends and family

When your friends sign up for a Swagbucks account with your referral code, you’ll both benefit. Both of you will receive 300 SB points (your friend must earn at least 300 SB points within their first 30 days for you to get yours).

You’ll ask get 10% of your friend’s SB earnings for the entirety of their membership! That’s a great little way to make a little passive income.

How does Swagbucks pay?

Redeeming your SB points is easy. Simply click the “Redeem SB” option and choose the reward of your choice. You can use between hundreds of gift cards or put cash into your PayPal account.

Is Swagbucks real money?

Swagbucks isn’t real money. Aside from redeeming it on the Swagbucks website, there are no other places where you can trade it for cash or other items.

How much Swagbucks are worth

1 SB is like the equivalent of one penny.

How many Swagbucks is a dollar?

100 = $1. That means you need 2500 SB to transfer $25 into your PayPal account. You can redeem your SB starting at 300 SB points.

How to use and redeem Swagbucks

Use the “Redeem SB” on the Swagbucks website or app when you’re ready to use them towards gift cards or cash.

Can you make 100 a day with Swagbucks?

It would be very hard to make $100 a day with Swagbucks. Even if you were able to maximize the Swagbucks surveys and other methods, it would be a very time-consuming process to reach that amount. Using Swagbucks should not be seen as an alternative to a part-time job.

Swagbucks alternatives

Swagbucks isn’t the place you can earn rewards for doing things like taking branded surveys or completing a daily poll.

Swagbucks vs InboxDollars

Inbox Dollars is also a platform you can take online surveys, play games, search the web, or watch videos for extra cash. What is nice about Inbox Dollars is that they reward you in dollars, not points. The value of points can change at any time.

One of the drawbacks of Inbox Dollars is that you have to answer questions to determine if you qualify for a survey. You don’t get paid to answer those questions, however.

Swagbucks vs Rakuten

Rakuten is an e-commerce and internet company that allows people to save money when they are shopping online. You earn cash back when you shop through their affiliate marketing website with hundreds of retailers like Target and Best Buy.

You also have the option of earning cash back for your in-store shopping purchases. Since it’s quite different from Swagbucks, Rakuten is a great additional platform to use to help you save money on things you were already planning to buy.

Swagbucks vs Survey Junkie

 Survey Junkie is a survey site that pays you to complete surveys. Other companies will hire Survey Junkie to help them find out what people think of their products and services. The nice thing about this survey site is that it pays you real money.

To start earning money, pick the surveys you’d like to participate in and answer a few questions about your experience.

Swagbucks vs Prizerebel

Prizerebel is another of the leading paid survey sites that are out there. You can see the topic of each survey, plus an estimate of how long it will take to complete before you get started. The best way to earn points on PrizeRebel is to complete surveys.

However, you can also earn points by watching videos, visiting websites, or completing other tasks.

Swagbucks FAQ

How does Swagbucks make their money?

Swagbucks is essentially a huge affiliate program. It makes money by connecting its third-party partners with consumers. They pay out a portion of their revenue to use their platform.

How old do you have to be to use Swagbucks

You must be at least 13 years old to use the Swagbucks platform. Its a great way to teach your kids about money and have good money habits.

How to get free Swagbucks codes?

A good way to find out when free Swagbucks codes are available is by installing the “SwagButton” on your browser. it will alert you when there are live Swag Codes.

How to contact Swagbucks customer service?

You can get the answer to general questions in the Swagbucks Help section. Additionally, you can submit a general request or create a transaction inquiry here.

Does Swagbucks cost money?

No, Swagbucks is completely free to join.


Ultimately, you have to decide whether it is worth your time to use Swagbucks to make a little extra pocket change. There are other ways that you could earn more money, but those activities will take more of your spare time. The draw of using Swagbucks is that you can turn some of that idle time into money without much effort. 

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