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The Best 10 Side Jobs That You Can Start Whenever You Want

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Getting a side job is a great way to make extra money using your free time. Many opportunities are available to work from home legitimately. We’ll discuss side income ideas that you can try. And if you’re currently unemployed, you can learn how to make money between jobs to get you by in the meantime.

Make Extra Money with a Side Job

Freelancing jobs for beginners is often about trying out several different things before hitting your stride. A lot of the freelancing job sites feel like an uphill battle before you start making any money. Instead, you can try these work from home side jobs discussed here to get started faster.

Best Side Jobs from Home

When you want to learn how to make money between jobs or have other financial reasons to make money fast, you need a laptop/desktop and internet access, preferably. Here are ten of the best side jobs from home to start doing below.

Graphic Designer

Use your design skills as a source of side income. It’s one of the highest paying side jobs that’s available to do online. Make sure that you have a portfolio of work to show off to potential clients to start your online business. Try focusing in a certain area like logos and look for clients on LinkedIn or other Fiver to find clients.

Virtual Assistants

Many companies offer virtual assistance to other companies. The work can vary from scheduling, making phone calls, or even managing social media accounts. Working as a virtual assistance agency is one of the best freelancing jobs for beginners to get started.


If you are a subject matter expert on a specific topic, consider tutoring. Tutoring can be the best job for them who love to help others to learn because it is fulfilling. Chegg and other companies offer opportunities to tutor their clients on a variety of topics.

Customer Service

Almost every company has a customer service team, and they are always looking for help. Many of these positions are available online and are flexible so you can work around your day job.

Sell Your Stuff as Side Income Ideas

Free up your space by selling your clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, collectibles, and other items. This idea makes it one of the side income ideas that you benefit from more than just monetarily. You can list them on various sites depending on what you’re trying to sell, including eBay, Poshmark, and Facebook Marketplace.

Participate in Research Groups

Paid research studies and focus groups will pay you by the hour or a flat rate to participate. Many of these studies can be done online.

Freelance Writing

The type of work can range from blogging, writing emails, website copy, e-books, etc. Websites like Verbio can put you in front of buyers that you can sell your content to.


Take your love of the camera to the next level with this best side job for photography lovers. Stock photography sites like Getty Images and Stocksy are good places to start when looking for places to sell images, photos, and getting them licensed.


Earn money in your free time by transcribing audio and video recordings. This online business gives you the freedom to choose how much you want to work. Rev is a website you can get started on as long as you are proficient in English, can pass a grammar quiz, and submit a sample.

Social Media Marketer

CloudPeeps is one such site that you can use to become a freelance social media marketer without finding clients. Some tasks you could be responsible for include setting key performance indicators, tracking metrics, and reworking content to increase engagement. You can find rates between $50 and $150 per hour, making it one of the best side jobs.

What to Do With the Extra Money

Having income from a high paying side job can greatly help your financial situation. Giving some thought to how to use the extra money can help you make the most of it. Consider using it for the following:

  • Pay down debt
  • Start an emergency fund
  • Use as your “allowance” for entertainment, dining out, shopping
  • Towards a goal like a vacation or new car

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